The recycling companies of the Max Aicher Corporation operate on both ends of the production chain: Some companies supply the raw material needed by other firms within the group, while others complete and reinitiate the production chain, e.g. by processing or recycling the residual material of others. We practice circular economy to counteract the globally growing demand for raw materials.

We help preserve natural resources and prevent the destruction of landscapes and natural habitats.


Max Aicher Recycling

Max Aicher Recycling runs several scrap yards in Franken, Schwaben and Oberpfalz. Processing plants treat metal and iron scrap for recycling and return to the production cycle as raw materials.


Recycling Companies in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slowakia

UD Steel, Aicher Beton and Koalfem collect and recycle scrap metal in Hungary. The same is done by MAR Slowensko in Slowakia and Sunex in Czech Republic. All of them act as scrap suppliers to OAM.


Max Aicher Environment

Max Aicher Environment specialises in treatment of mineral non-organic residual materials and recycling slag from steel production to be used in lime production and road construction.