By successfully taking over and re-structuring the Annahütte rolling mill in Ainring (DE), Max Aicher entered the steel production business in 1975. Today, Max Aicher Corporation produces steel at two locations: At Lech-Steelworks in Meitingen (DE) and at Ózd Steelworks in Hungary. Both sites combined, more than 1.000 employees annually produce 1.5 million tons of steel of various grades.

As producers of high-quality graded and engineering steel, our steel companies are key suppliers of the European automotive industry. Furthermore, Annahütte is proud to be leading global supplier of threadbars.


Lech-Steelworks in Meitingen

In Meitingen, 800 employees devote their work to recycle iron and steel scrap to new, high-quality graded steel products. Two electric arc furnaces produce than one million tons of steel per year.


Annahütte rolling mill in Ainring

In 2012, Annahütte celebrated its 475 year anniversary and thus has the longest history of all world wide rolling mills. 500 employees made Annahütte the leading global supplier of threadbars, which reinforce prestigious monuments such as the new One World Trade Center, the Feature Tower in Abu Dhabi, or the Yangtse-Three-Gorges-Dam in China.