Lech-Stahlveredelung in Landsberg and Oberndorf

At our two bright steel plants in Landsberg and Oberndorf, 200 employees further grade high quality steel and meet our coustomers' individual wishes and needs.



Ózd Steelworks

Max Aicher's Ózd Steelworks (OAM) successfully carries a long tradition of steel production in northeastern Hungary. At a staff of 400 employees to date, OAM is the leading recycler and producer of reinforcing steel in Hungary and exporting its products in all surrounding countries.



Železárny Annahütte Prostějov

The reinforcing steel wire and mesh plant in Prostějov is part of Max Aicher Corporation since 1994 and was Max Aicher's first step company to expand the corporation to eastern Europe. Ever since, it has been a leading national supplier.



Max Aicher North America

Zu Max Aicher North America: www.mana-barmill.com